Working at the Laboratory provides students and faculty opportunity to engage in science that makes a difference in the nation’s security.

Student Internship Program

The Student Internship Program allows students to engage in work-study employment opportunities in relevant science, engineering and administrative fields. The Faculty Employment Program temporarily employs college professors and school teaches in collaborate research and work-study opportunities in science, engineering and administrative fields. Additional Undergraduate and Graduate Programs such as, DOE Office of Science, Homeland Security and the Military to name a few, students are provided an opportunity to engage in work-study employment opportunities in relevant science and engineering. These students are brought in through the following student programs ROTC, SULI, FaST, MARA, MSI, DHS and numerous other programs. The Lawrence Scholar Program selects top Ph.D students in science and engineering to conduct research of interest to the Laboratory while completing their thesis. These assignments are part-time and can be for up to four years or until they are awarded their Ph.D.

Scholar Programs

Scholar work study opportunities, and educational activities that support DOE/NNSA programmatic objectives, address future national security workforce needs, and enhance community awareness and understanding of science, the DOE/NNSA, and the Laboratory. Scholars will directly contribute to the DOE/NNSA programmatic, scientific, and recruiting objectives. Through these internships, the Laboratory encourages post-secondary students in relevant science and engineering fields to pursue science and engineering fields relevant to the DOE/NNSA missions.

Assignments are typically for:

  • Summer – Full time during the summer academic break
  • Co-op – Full time during the academic semester/quarter
  • Year-round – Part-time during the academic year and full time during the academic breaks