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The Department of Energy (DOE) maintains a role in workforce development primarily focused on undergraduate students pursuing careers in the sciences. These programs include the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) for college and university students (4 year schools), the Community College Internships (CCI) community college students (2 year schools) and the Visiting Faculty Program (VFP) for faculty and students from institutions historically underrepresented.

Office of Science - List of Laboratories

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, while DOE, is a Defense and National Security Laboratory, therefore you will not find it listed under "Laboratories" on the DOE Office of Science website. However, LLNL will be listed among the participating laboratories when you are completing your application.

Why it is important to select your 1st and 2nd choice Lab

When your application becomes available to your 1st choice lab, we will be the only laboratory that will be able to extend an offer to you. If you are not selected by us during this first round, your application will become accessible to your 2nd choice lab for consideration – if openings are still available – during the 2nd round of selections.

The URL to these programs are:

Intern Comments

Following are comments from recent LLNL SULI Interns

“As a student intern in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) I worked in the Center for Micro and Nano-Technology under the Materials Engineering Division. My project consisted of designing a set-up that would characterize crosstalk between electrodes in a specific set of neural devices. My time at LLNL has been a wonderful, eye-opening, growing experience. From the point of view of a student who has done internships before, I can say there is nothing more challenging, thrilling and rewarding than working here. There were many hours of extra work, but I enjoyed every single moment of it with a passion I had not felt before. Thanks to the help I received from an extraordinary talented group of people at the Center for Micro and Nano-Technology and the hands-on experience I gained while working here, I go back to my school with a new set of skills and knowledge I could not have acquired anywhere else. This experience has also helped me define my career interests and professional goals. While I was considering graduate school before working here, I now have a better idea of the path I wish to take after completing graduate school and have a clearer idea of my research interests. After this internship, working as a full time employee at LLNL is a major career goal I intend to pursue."
- Gladynel Saavedra, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus/SULI Fall 2013 Term

“I’ll be blunt: the SULI program was one of the best things to help me in my career. I feel like it should be mandatory to get a degree in the sciences. A university education will teach you about the sciences in depth, but it will not teach you the essential skills of creating new knowledge or collaborate with scientists across the globe. In my time at Lawrence Livermore Natl. Lab, I’ve experienced what it truly means to be a scientist. It has given me the opportunity to build up a professional network of associates, mentors, and partners that have done more to guide and nurture my efforts in the past four months than most of my professors did in four years. My internship has significantly altered my perceptions of a career in the sciences, shifting my area of interest from high-energy physics to nuclear physics. Now, I can move forward into graduate study with renewed vigor and a network of people and work that will undoubtedly act as a springboard for my personal research."
- Richard Beck, UC Berkeley/SULI Fall 2013 Term