Student Internship Program Eligibility and Selection Process

Selection Process

  • Selections and assignments are based on academic achievements, prior experience and technical interest.
  • Typically selections for assignments during the summer break are made February through April and will vary by hiring organization
  • Only individuals who are being considered for selection will be contacted.
  • Once you are contacted by the hiring organization you will be requested to complete and provide additional information, required to complete the hire process.
  • Until you have received and accepted an official offer from LLNL Human Resources, do not incur any expenses related to the Student Internship assignment. They will only be reimbursed if incurred after the official offer from Human Resources.
  • Human Resources will contact you after all necessary approvals are obtained. This can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Students must be enrolled and in good academic standing at an accredited institution, or have been accepted to begin an undergraduate or graduate program, prior to commencing employment.
  • Students must be able to successfully meet the hiring requirements. (e.g. pre-employment drug testing, approval for site access, etc.)
  • U. S. Citizenship is required for some positions. Foreign National students may apply based on job requirements.

Student Internship Program Eligibility and Selection Process

The Student Internship Program allows students to engage in work-study employment opportunities in relevant science, engineering, and administrative fields. The majority of Student Interns are hired to work during the summer academic break.

Length of Assignments

Summer assignments are approximately for three months and will also be based on the availability of the student’s summer or academic break.